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Who We Are

At howtomuslim, we strive to provide an all-encompassing, educational platform for a growing Muslim population. We understand the unique challenges of being Muslim in a society that doesn't always understand our faith. That is why we started this organisation, not only to educate but catalogue the vast resources and means to help us live our lives.


Our goal is to share our religion and our culture with the world in a way that is both informative and inspiring.
We are excited to continue our mission and look forward to hearing from you.


We hope to provide born & Revert Muslims the resources and means to learn about their faith and be better educated and feel part of our online community.


Articles on a variety of interesting topics.


A collation of resources on Islamic History.


A collection of our eBooks, planner and more!

Resource Hub

A hub of resources from clothing to Qurans and other Islamic needs.

Prophet Muhammed

Information and resources about Prophet Muhammed (PBUH).

Dhikr & Dua

Collection of a variety of Dhikr & Dua for various situations.

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