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The history of Islam is rich and fascinating, starting at the first revelation of the Quran to the conquering of Constantinople to the present day. It's beautiful, yet controversial and rife with misinformation at the hands of those who seek to rewrite it to tell a different story. As Muslims, we must reclaim our history, study it and understand it to confront the misinformation we're bombarded with daily. 
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The beginning 

This playlist covers the creation of the universe and earth up to the creation of the creation of Adam, finishing off on his expulsion from heaven. 


The Prophets

The story of the prophets offer us many stories to learn from as each prophet went through their unique struggles and it's through examining the stories that we too can benefit from it's lessons.

The Prophets in greater depth:

Prophet Muhammed

Prophet Muhammed

The last and final messenger has become the most influential and important man to walk this earth. The good he has done, the love and care he had for others and the concern he had for us shouldn't be understated. Rather it should encourage us to Learn more about him, love him and send frequent salawat on our beloved prophet.

The Rightly Guided Caliphs

Rightly Guided Caliphs

The rightly guided Caliphs were the Caliphs who were close companions of the prophet who led the Muslims following the death of our prophet. Together they unified the tribes of the Arabian peninsula and laid the foundation of the Muslim state.


The Ummayads

The Ummayads were the second Caliphate to be established, expanding and ruling one of the largest empires in history. Their unique architecture and impact are still felt to this day making them one of the most impactful dynasties to have existed.

The Abbasids

The Abbasid revolution leading to the creation of the Abbasid Caliphate lead to another "Golden Age" of Islam based in Baghdad, a once prosperous and great city.
The works of the muslims from this era played a key role in laying a foundation for the enlightenment period to take root in Europe. 


The Ottomans

From a simple nomadic past to the conquerors of the great city of Constantinople (modern day Istanbul), the Ottomans are among the most fascinating states to have existed and have ended just a little over a hundred years back. 

The Mughals

"The Mughal Empire ruled parts of the Indian Subcontinent for more than three centuries. In that time, it transformed India into what it is today. The Mughals came as outsiders from Central Asia who conquered India with steel and gunpowder but overtime, they became as Indian as well, Biryani is, which, by the way, developed in the Mughal kitchens. They gave many things to India, from food to architecture and even languages. Their law-code, to a large extent, is used even today in India. They created one of history’s richest empires which contributed something like a fourth of the world’s GDP at its peak."

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