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Jesus in Islam


The Beloved Prophet Jesus (Isa) in Islam: Our Love and Belief in His Return


In Islam, Prophet Jesus, known as Isa in Arabic, occupies a special place of honour and admiration. His story, teachings, and anticipated return at the end of times hold profound significance for Muslims worldwide.

1. A Beloved Prophet in Islam:
Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him is revered as one of the messengers of Allah (God) in Islam. He is a pivotal figure in the long line of prophets, which includes Adam, Abraham, Moses, and Muhammad, among others, peace be upon them all. The Quran, the holy book of Islam, portrays him as a righteous and virtuous prophet who was granted unique miracles by the will of Allah.

2. Love for Prophet Jesus:
Muslims hold a deep love and respect for Prophet Jesus for several reasons:

   a. His Miraculous Birth: Jesus' miraculous birth to the Virgin Mary, or Maryam in Arabic, is a testament to Allah's power and divine plan. This event signifies the extraordinary nature of his mission.

   b. His Compassion and Mercy: Like all prophets, Jesus embodied qualities of compassion, mercy, and love for humanity. His teachings emphasized love, forgiveness, and helping the less fortunate.

   c. His Miracles: Islamic tradition acknowledges the miracles performed by Jesus, such as healing the sick and curing the blind by Allah's will, as signs of Allah's favor upon him.

   d. His Devotion to Worship: Prophet Jesus devoted himself to worshiping Allah, setting an example of piety and devotion for his followers.

3. Belief in the Return of Jesus:
Islamic belief holds that Jesus will return at the end of times as a part of the final events leading to the Day of Judgment. This belief is grounded in several Hadith (sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad) and Quranic references:

   a. To Uphold Justice: Jesus will return as a just ruler, helping to establish peace and justice on Earth, eradicating tyranny and oppression.

   b. To Confirm Islamic Belief: Upon his return, Jesus will affirm the truth of Islam and guide those who have strayed from the path back to the right way of worshiping Allah.

   c. To Defeat the False Messiah: Jesus' return will coincide with the emergence of the false Messiah (Dajjal), whom he will defeat, bringing an end to deception and chaos.

   d. To Bring About Unity: His return will unite people of different faiths in the worship of Allah, symbolizing the ultimate harmony among all of humanity.

The love and respect that Muslims hold for Prophet Jesus (Isa) stem from his unique status as a beloved prophet and a pivotal figure in Islamic tradition. His anticipated return represents hope and a brighter future, where justice and righteousness will prevail once again. 


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