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Vital Islamic Apps & Websites


A selection of some of the most popular and important apps and Websites for Muslims to use daily!
Wish to be featured on our website? Contact us on offers a beautiful UI with a variety of reciters and translations of the Quran.

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Quranic helps teach Quranic Arabic in a fun and engaging way through stories and tests. Additionally, with regular Quran recitation chat rooms, one can listen and practice reciting the Quran with an online community.

Dhikr & dua app showcases an impressive catalogue of dhikrs for all situations as well as for speciific emotions felt, equiping a muslim with one of the most important means of performing a simple yet reqarding form of worship. 

Athan pro hosts a variety of apps and tools to aid muslims with apps such as prayer times, a nasheed app as well an app to guide one to pray, among others.

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Ushub streams a variety of movies and series that depict the Muslim community accurately. 

Check out our other Muslim based media and streaming services here:

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