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Juwayriah bint al-Harith (RA)

627 CE | 6 AH


The next wife of the Prophet (PBUH) after Zainab bint Jahash was Juwayriah bit al-Harith. Her father was the chieftain the Banu Mustaliq, a branch of the
Banu Khuza'a tribe residing in the region of Hijaz.
She was captured and taken as a prisoner of war when the Muslims went to war with Banu Khuza'a. She approached the Prophet (PBUH) and pleaded for her release to which the Prophet (PBUH) agreed and then proposed to her. When she agreed, all the prisoners from her tribe were set free out of respect for the new wife of the Prophet (PBUH). She was extremely beautiful and was twenty years old at the time.
She died in 56AH/676 at the age of sixty-five.

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