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Maymoona bint al-Harith (RA)

629 CE | 8 AH


After Safiyyah bint Huyyay the Prophet (PBUH) married Maymoona bit Al-Harith in the eighth year of the Islamic calendar.
Maymoona had been married twice before. In the first marriage she was divorced and then her second husband has died. She accepted Islam and she knew the Prophet (PBUH) was coming to Makkah in the 8 AH and so she told Umm al-Fadl (the wife of Abbas) of her wish to marry the Prophet (PBUH). Umm al-Fad told Abbas and he approached the Prophet a who accepted the proposal. She met the Prophet (PBUH) whilst he was entering Makkah and she was riding on a camel and she said the camel and what is on it is for you, hence she is the wife who gifted herself to the Prophet (PBUH).
She was the third most prolific female narrator of hadeeth after Aisha and Um Salamah.
She has at least six hadeeth in the two most authentic books of hadith.
The Prophet's (PBUH) marriage to Maymoonah was his last marriage.

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