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Umm Habiba (RA)

627 CE | 6 AH


After Juwayriah the Prophet (PBUH) married Umm Habiba, also known as Ramla, and she was the sister of Mu'awiya and the aunt of Uthman in 'Affan. She was one of the first people to accept the prophetic message of Islam. Her former husband, 'Ubaydullah in Jahsh, denounced Islam and became a christian, effectively ending their marriage in divorce whilst they were living in Abyssinia.
A short while after this the servant of the Najashee, named Abraha, approached her and said that the Prophet (PBUH) had heard of her misfortune and had asked the Najashee for her hand in marriage. She instantly agreed and in her joy took off her silver bangles and rings and gave them as a gift to Abraha.
The Najashee gathered the Muslims for the wedding ceremony and gave an eloquent speech as the representative of the prophet (PBUH), declaring that indeed Jesus had given glad tidings of the Prophet's coming to his people.
Umm Habiba was very generous and pious woman, full of wisdom. She died in 44 AH.

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