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Zainab bint Jahsh (RA)

627 CE | 6 AH


(d. 20AH/641) the cousin and wife of the Prophet (PBUH) whose original name was Barra. She was one the first emigrants to Madinah. She had firstly been married to Zayd ibn Haritha. He divorced her and then the Prophet (PBUH) married her. She was thirty-five at the time.
Aisha would later speak of Zainab saying, "She was the one who was somewhat equal in rank with me in the eyes of the Messenger of Allah . I have never seen a woman better in piety than Zainab, or more fearing of God, or more true in speech, or more faithful in upholding the ties of kinship, or more generous in giving charity, or humble enough to work with her hands in order to earn money that she could spend for the sake of God. However, she was hot-tempered and quick to anger, but she would soon cool down and then take the matter no further.

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