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Top 5 Islamic Apps To Use Daily

1) Quran App

The Quran App has all you'd want from a Quran App. From a radio playing the Quran live, to a customisable and modern UI with a variety of rectors and built in commentary. Quran App is a must have for us all.

2) Quranic

Quranic teaches the language of the Quran in a fun and interactive way. With their lessons built around stories in the Quran broken into bite sized chunks, one is able to devote as much as they please.

3) Dhikr & Dua

An amazing collection of Dhikrs and Duas, organised into categories to use them with virtues of reciting them as well as an audio of the Dua in Arabic has made this app as a regular in my life. In addition, they've got a section with specific Duas for specific emotions such as when we're feeling overwhlemed to help users find what they've been seeking for all along.

4) Guider

Guider provides busy Muslims with daily bite sized reminders and knowledge to enable even the busiest of Muslims a platform to learn about Islam. Personalising your goals and content ensure you'll never be overwhelmed whilst receiving relevant knowledge.

5) OnePath

Growing from a small channel several years ago to one with a studio and over a million subscribers on YouTube today, OnePath Network has had tremendous success with their ambitious team. They host a selection of online media content for adults and children, fulfilling a need due to a lack of Muslim created online media and series.

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