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Top 5 Islamic Podcasts

1) The Thinking Muslim

If you're looking for an in depth discussion on the complexities of the modern world through an Islamic lens, The Thinking Muslim is the right one. Fascinating discussions such as is an islamic Japan a possibility and what challenges does islam face while growing in Japan in addition to all sorts of discussions about Islams' role in the modern world makes it a must listen to for every muslim.


2) Islamic History Podcast

The Islamic History Podcast makes learning about the important and fascinating history of Islam fun and thought provoking. Learning our history, for muslims and non-muslims alike is as fundamental as it's ever been to learn from the past while building the future.


3) The Seekers Guidance Podcast

An excellent podcast for receiving regular reminders while learning a varied list of topics about Islam. A must listen for those seeking to increase their knowledge.


4) Delving Into Islam

Delving and addressing stereotypes and misinformation about Islam, Delving Into Islam clears it all while educating and explaining all aspects of the religion for anyone remotely interested in Islam.


5) Muslim Central

The beneficial influence of Mufti Menk to the Muslim Community worldwide cannot be understated, his charismatic speeches move and motivate you and serve as an excellent means to remind us of our duty to prepare for the next life.

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