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"Indeed, worship in the night is more impactful and suitable for recitation. For during the day you are over-occupied 'with worldly duties'. 'Always' remember the Name of your Lord, and devote yourself to Him wholeheartedly. Qur'an, 73:6-8

How to Pray Witr:


Witr prayer is one of the greatest acts of worship that draw one closer to Allah. Witr prayer or Witr Salaat is a voluntary night prayer.  Witr is one of the confirmed Sunnah (Sunnah muakkadah) which the Muslim should observe regularly and should not neglect.

 The Hadith mentions Witr many times, highlighting that it is a recommended prayer that yields Allah’s love, blessings, and rewards. The prayer is said along with dua qunoot.


When to pray witr?


Witr prayer time starts after praying Isha prayer and lasts till dawn begins.

The Sunnah indicates that if a person thinks he will be able to get up at the end of the night, it is better to delay it , because prayer at the end of the night is better and is witnessed (by the angels).

But whoever fears that he will not get up at the end of the night should pray Witr before he goes to sleep.

Kharijab bin Hudhafah narrated:
Allah’s Messenger came out to us and he said: “Indeed Allah has assisted you with a Salat that is better for you than red camels: Al-Witr which Allah made for you between the Isha prayer till Al-Fajr has begun.”

Jami At Tirmidhi 452

How many Rak’ahs we should pray?


The minimum number of rak’ahs for Witr is one rak’ah. Witr has an odd number of raka’at prayed in pairs, with the final raka’ah prayed separately. Therefore, as little as one raka’ah can be prayed, and eleven at most. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Witr is one rak’ah at the end of the night.” (Reference:- Sahih Muslim, 752)

If a person limits himself to praying one rak’ah, then he has performed the Sunnah. But Witr may also be three or five or seven or nine.

 How to offer Witr prayer with 5 or 7 rak`ahs:


When our Prophet Mohammad SAW offers Witr Salah with 5 or 7 Rak’ah, he always prayed all the Rak’ah continuously and then in last Rak’ah He performed Tashahud and say Tasleem.

Narrated by ‘Aishah (may Allah be pleased with her) who said: The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used to pray thirteen rak’ahs at night, praying five rak’ahs of Witr, in which he would not sit except in the last rak’ah. (Sahih Muslim, 737)

Dua Qunoot: 

Dua Qunoot (or sometimes referred to as dua-e-qunoot) is a special supplication during witr in the fianl Raqah of the prayer after bowing, however if it said before bowing that it fine too, which is mentioned in the hadith. (Sunan Abi Dawud 1425)

“O Allah guide me among those You have guided, pardon me among those You have pardoned, befriend me among those You have befriended, bless me in what You have granted, and save me from the evil that You decreed. Indeed You decree, and none can pass decree, and none can pass decree upon You, indeed he is not humiliated whom You have befriended, blessed are You our Lord and Exalted.”
اللَّهُمَّ اهْدِنِي فِيمَنْ هَدَيْتَ وَعَافِنِي فِيمَنْ عَافَيْتَ وَتَوَلَّنِي فِيمَنْ تَوَلَّيْتَ وَبَارِكْ لِي فِيمَا أَعْطَيْتَ وَقِنِي شَرَّ مَا قَضَيْتَ إِنَّكَ تَقْضِي وَلاَ يُقْضَى عَلَيْكَ وَإِنَّهُ لاَ يَذِلُّ مَنْ وَالَيْتَ وَلاَ يَعِزُّ مَنْ عَادَيْتَ تَبَارَكْتَ رَبَّنَا وَتَعَالَيْتَ
Allahumma ihdini feeman hadayt, wa a’fini fiman afait, wa tawallani fiman tawallait, wa barik Li fima atait, wa qini sharra ma qadait, fa Innaka taqdi wa la yuqda Alaik, wa innahu la yadhillu man walait, tabarakta Rabbana wa ta’alait.

What Surahs to recite during Witr?

It is established through the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) that it is ‘recommended’ to recite:

1. Surat Al-A`la (Chapter 87) in the first Rakat of the Witr prayer, after the Fatiha.

2. Surat Al-Kafiroon (Chapter 109) in the second, after the Fatiha.

3. Surat Al-Ikhlas (Chapter 112) in the third, after the Fatiha.

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